This page contains information relating to access for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on the Tasmanian Road Network.

Special Purpose Vehicles can gain legal access to the Tasmanian Road Network via either the Tasmanian Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Exemption Notice 2019 (Notice) or a Permit issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

A Vehicle Network is generated by the HVAMS, which includes conditions of access on roads and structures.

Travelling under Notice

SPV types covered under this Notice are mobile cranes, concrete pumps, drill rigs, elevated work platforms and fire trucks.

An SPV with a set of Vehicle Parameters validated by the HVAMS can gain access to the Tasmanian Road Network via this Notice. Vehicle Parameters include vehicle dimensions, axle spacing and masses and other relevant inputs.

To generate a Vehicle Network, start by clicking the Enter Vehicle Details button below to select the vehicle and enter its parameters, following the prompts until a map is produced.

A set of Vehicle Parameters can be saved to a unique Vehicle Code, generated by the HVAMS. A Vehicle Code can then be entered into the Enter Vehicle Code box below, at any point in the future to reload the Vehicle Parameters data. Multiple Vehicle Codes can be generated for each SPV to reflect the different Vehicle Parameters that may be applicable.

Travelling with a Permit

Where an SPV with a set of Vehicle Parameters is not validated by the HVAMS, the operator must apply for an NHVR permit to access the Tasmanian Road Network.

A Permit application to the NHVR can be made by clicking the Apply for a permit button below.

The permit number will be associated with a Vehicle Network.

Enter the Permit number in the Permit number box below to generate a Vehicle Network for the vehicle and its parameters.

Road detours

Where a road detour is in place, drivers are required to comply with the conditions of access on roads and structures, as described on the Vehicle Network.

Drivers must check the Tasmania Police Community Alerts for road closures and road conditions prior to travel.

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Operators are advised that a route assessment for travel under this Notice is a mandatory statutory requirement under s11 of Schedule 8 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

Operators are advised that a route assessment for travel under this Permit is a mandatory statutory requirement.

All Vehicle Parameters are self-declared.

It is a requirement that the driver must be able to produce the relevant Vehicle Code when travelling on the Vehicle Network. The Vehicle Code is displayed on the map.